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What is Tubidy

Tubidy is a free, stable, and reliable platform in the field of content sharing and video-hosting. This device enables all its users to access, upload, view, store, collect, and share their videos and other video or music files. This platform is created via WapTrick, by Renaud Kuiper. Tubidy holds a secure database that can possess millions of records and transactions. It has been working on video coding technically for both MP3 and MP4 formats for a long time. Nowadays, Tubidy is accessible on the Internet and has also won a good reputation in MP4 content sharing.

Users of Tubidy are admitted to unlimited storage space. Still, for bandwidth cost-control, each video capacity is limited to a duration of around 16 minutes, while the size should be up to 100 MB. Since the platform is not designed as a back-up video service, users have their responsibility for taking all necessary precautions to safeguard and handle their video files.

How does Tubidy work

The device of Tubidy indexes stored videos right from user-generated content. When a user executes a search, the list results in the moderated videos which users have uploaded. When a user of Tubidy wants to watch a video, the device streams directly from the host site to a user's phone via Tubidy's servers. The Tubidy's servers do the hard work of transcoding and formatting the stream on-the-fly in order to work on a user's phone and network. All a user needs to do is to search, watch, and enjoy with Tubidy's service.

Features and Functions of Tubidy

Tubidy has simplified its functions, and all features are kept in a clear and logical order. One of the essential things about Tubidy is its use since it allows users to get their favorite video files, including music, MP3, MP4, over the Internet, from any mobile device, without even installing an app. It is s a significant breakthrough in the field of content sharing, which makes Tubidy stand out of the crowd.

Ease of use of Tubidy

Besides, the interface of Tubidy is modern, well-developed, and easy for almost any of the users to learn to use it. Moreover, people can also share unlimited resources such as MP4 files, mobile videos, YouTube videos, and any other things for free charge. In that sense, users are enabled to use a mobile phone for entertainment, without any extra cost. The Tubidy platform is a low-cost so that users can even regard it as a free version.

Video Converter Function

Except for the music, great videos, and movies that Tubidy lets all its users enjoy, it also enables users to do the video conversion like they do when they convert YouTube files into MP3 formats. It means that when a user finds the MV on YouTube of his/her favorite song, he/she can use the Tubidy device to convert it into music files.

Tubidy offline/online use

Another feature of Tubidy is its use either online or offline. Users can play it on the go, at any time and place, no matter they are online or offline, or use the platform from iOS, Android device, or your desktop.

Tubidy allows collecting files.

Tubidy is a powerful tool that allows users to collect various videos and files, no matter it is in MP4 or MP3 formats. Also, users can regard this tool as a long term entertainment device without any charge.

The Tubidy’s Updated Search Engine

Tubidy invested in a new search engine platform, which has been updated recently. It means that all its content search function will be improved, and hence, it will become far more perfect than was before. In the past, it was hard for the Tubidy users to search for music, and other files via a large number of video, or even from the big size songs collection. After updating the search engine tool, users enjoy with this significant change, since the Tubidy's collection is full of many movies, videos, and music without any cost. In addition to that, users can get accurate, and fast search results as the searchability of this platform are quite impressive.

Share Easily

The Tubidy’s functions are multi-faceted and flexible. As for the data, Tubidy offers a large flow, which permits all its users to share data with anyone, as well as to upload content easily and quickly, and to download files without taking up bandwidth or processing power.

Accountless Access of Tubidy

Another feature of Tubidy is that there is no registration required. The Tubidy device does not ask users to create an account or even log-in to the website to download content.

Age restrictions of Tubidy

Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to register with the Tubidy platform. It is the policy of Tubidy not to collect any personal information from anyone who is under the age of 13. Users warrant that they are either above 18 years of age or have the consent of a parent or legal guardian and prove that they are legally able to agree to be bound by the Tubidy’s Terms. Even when a user warrants that he/she is over the age of 13, the platform is not intended for children under 13 years. A parent or legal guardians of a child who is under 13, and if that child has somehow registered with Tubidy, they must send an e-mail to Tubidy official platform for instructions on how to cancel the child’s registration.